Room 155, Metcash Complex, Kingsway Rd, Maseru, LESOTHO

The brand started in 2017 when TRIBE Slam poetry performers would dress alike, that is when Mahlomola Nkopa and Kori Ralehola at age of 17 realized that they can create merchandise for infamous Tribe. Little did they know that TRIBE Clothes would be one of the emerging clothing brands in the Kingdom. They later reinforced the Tribe with Palesa Makoatsa to develop TRIBE Clothes.

Tribe Clothe is about modern fashion fused with urban style and vintage influenced by tribal culture and poetry . They believe that they are the missing piece of the puzzle in local fashion scene and they’re here to  fulfill that gap and bring the change . It was recently featured at Boipuso Showcase for the first time and it stood out with its diverse Spring /Summer range.

Their range included spring Track Suits, Cotton Sunhats with a dyed strap and embroidery Tribe logo, Bralletes in assorted colours and patched with Tribe logo. They also launched dresses for summer such as Check-box pleat mini skirt with zip fastening and 2 colours T-shirts dress all patched with Tribe logo. This range is exceptional but there is still a room for improvement especially on detailing of the garments .

Check out Boipuso Showcase interview here and follow Tribe Clothe for orders

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