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Shipa is an online and pop-up store based in Maseru, Lesotho. It has been relentlessly showcasing and marketing Kingdom of Lesotho up and coming urban wear brands since 2016 at various platforms countrywide and across the border.

Soldiering, Shipa is set to pop-up for the second time at Dirt Mouth event- making a first looked for set-up at Café What? Shipa brings out Tsa Winter showcase to flavour to action-packed Dirt Mouth Vs Warzone (The Southern Rumble) which feature battle rappers from Lesotho, Botswana and Zimbabwe facing off bar for  bar.

Tsa Winter Pop-up showcases latest winter collections and trends from the Kingdom’s staple brands and finest graffiti, illustration and customizing artists in day.

The aim of Tsa Winter showcase is to uphold the Kingdom’s flair and promote local brands while striving to place KOL’s urban culture scene. Tsa Winter also aims to converge artists, designers, influencers and fans in one space to review products, create a collaborative network of independent designers in Lesotho.

The first of seasonal showcase will set-off with the powerhouse brand Bonono Merchants popularly known for detailed garments and Kingdom’s urbanity.

The newbies , RoommsStudios with its cosy fur denim-cargo offering,City Kings will also be flashing out a just released autumn/winter wearables and Super customs brand, No Bodies will be waiting to custom-tailor you from head to toe.

We’re also anticipating winter release from brands like Joahkim, OHBY and POKELLO EA MARIHA’19   from Sqo available at Shipa Online store soon. Tsa Winter Pop-up is the first showcase of its magnitude focusing solely on independent urban wear brands and artists from Lesotho.

Graffiti artists will be showing-off spray…ISH, illustrations and paint skills throughout the show. Featured graffiti artists includes all rounded designer, Proph24 who’ll also be demonstrating animation projects.Rising customizers and portrait artists like Makrapula, Triibal, Ves Arts and dopests in town will be  showing off artistry.

This will be the perfect day to hook up with your favourite artits for a portrait, custromize-make and view latest customs-made stuff for a fat tip. We are calling out all graffiti artists and customizers to join  to showcase KOL’s Flair.

Tsa Winter showman will be local brands enthusiast Mansa Kunta, who’ll touch on the importance of supporting Lesotho produced products. To wrap the showcase there will be crediting best collection, custom-made and graffiti artists of the day accredited by Kingsway Kicks founder-sneaker head, Khojane Lepholisa and  Cuts On Raps/One Vibe Creative Director  Sehlabaka Rampeta. Best battle rappers of the day will be accessorized by goods from  Shipa .

Café What? will be at your service with its amenities like parking, Wi-Fi and ample space to feel at ease le bakhotsi ba hao. Beverages will be served at counter and heaters will be set to lit up the place. S’ka fetoa ke letsatsi lena filled with fun games, music,flair, friends and a get together in KOL’s winter weekend.

Tsa Winter Pop-Up showcase is presented by Shipa, Versus Lesotho and Cafe What?.

Tickets are selling at M50 and hurry to get a 30% discount when you buy your ticket through Mpesa.

Events: The Southern Rumble

Date: Saturday 29June 2019

Venue: Café What?

Time: 10am – 10 pm

Cost: M50 from M-Pesa  


 Dirt Mouth | Shipa | Café What

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