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Music Box

It’s exciting to see how musicbox has kept its consistence with discovering and uplifting new talent through their platform.

Here is this week’s Top 10 on Musicbox filled with new entries and few downers of up and coming artists across the country.

1. Robocop made a new entry on the charts; it’s been a week wallowing in the charts with The One To Blame.

2. Best Swag also has a week on the charts with his Hake Sale Le DC single.

3. Rbk dropped Gadaffi challenge as an instrumental to seal Top 3.

4. K-fire has 4 weeks on the charts with a single Lula Ke Kene and its down with one song, making it to Top 4.

5. Vasko-Nova is on spot 5 with his single Ha Ke Le T’sepisi, he has 4 downers.

6. Rbk made a comeback on the same Gadaffi challenge featuring Zups Son.

7. Bigsamentrsa made it to top 7 with Nyovest The Don Billiato.

8. K-man_ls on the charts with his single Ketswa Ka Makhalo.

9. Khofu’s new entry charts with his poetry piece Thella Hee.

10. TeezyWeezy closed the top 10 with a new entry on the charts with diss a track Middle Finger aimed at Lfk.

For more of the hottest, bubbling and top-rated artists check out musicbox.

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