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Mpho Sakhele, residing at Ha-Mabote, is a 23-years old Mosotho lady who grew up with a passion of being a fashion designer, and, how she planned to showcase her talent in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho, she started the brand “Blessing Garments” in the year 2022, February 14th as she specified.

Mpho mentions that in 2019, although she had not started venturing into the industry of clothing and designing, she was already making garments of her own. As years progressed, she envisioned having her own clothing line, therefore, the birth of Blessing Garments, which clearly shows that she is the brains behind the brand.

She states that Fashion designing has always been a career to her, and the main reason that led her to partake in the industry is because of her love for clothes. She always wanted to make exclusives of her own. “My passion was ignited the moment I could alter existing pieces of clothing, like a plain t-shirt, and turn it into my preferred garment. That is my favorite part about being a designer.”

Models in Blessing Garments

Mpho attended school at IBC College in 2019. There, she learnt how to use a sewing machine and she mentions that it did not take her long to learn the dynamics of being a designer and using such tools, and, Five months later, she started learning more on the Internet using YouTube and still continues to use the Internet to improve her skills in designing.

She mentions that She follows the latest trend in fashion, therefore, she incorporates such trends in making her pieces of garments for her clothing line. She further mentions that she strives to make pieces of garments that are comfortable for her target market.

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In her journey of being a clothing brand owner, Mpho discovered an online clothing store called SHIPA ONLINE STORE and with them, she had built a relationship to let her market buy her brand through it. “SHIPA is an amazing platform for me to utilize in making my brand known more, it is already working with most of Lesotho’s well-known brands such as Bonono, Joachim and City Kings so I believe my brand has found a stepping stone to being exposed more”

Blessing Garments is yet to make more waves in the Fashion industry as Mpho mentions that this is only the beginning of her journey with her clothing line.

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