Room 155, Metcash Complex, Kingsway Rd, Maseru, LESOTHO

Having a wet-weather contingency is an essential part of any event. Despite the first rainy day, the Autumn Shipas and Wear Local Fridays set off on a high note. Of course, it was also a busy weekend that led to people overloading at for a shopping spree to get styled for the weekend.

Shipa showcased Sicko Wear, For Middle-Class Kids, OBY, and Ambitious Apparel for the first time in-store, these brands brought a fresh vibe and a new range of products like miniskirts by AA, winter beanies, jackets, and accessories by FMCK. They brought out stylishly designed items and by setting trends for this autumn and winter. It was indeed a showcase of creativity and 2021 trends. Sicko Wear stall was vibrant with sick hoodies and beanies. OBY set up on Saturday bringing in custom-made hoodies and crew-neck in assorted colors. Also, City kings, Bonono, Sqo Syndicate, and Amplic Clothing displayed a wide range of autumn/winter wears and accessories. 

It wasn’t just about clothing, we had a very fruitful moment tasting with Necta – a sweet syrup crafted with love from the Mountain Kingdom sourced fruits. They teased customers with flavorsome syrups to use as a sundae, sweeten cereals or make fruit cocktails. Necta was really pleased with the pop-up setup and execution. Venue hosts Nada served tasty cuisine as usual over background music at the right tempo. Nada restaurant is assertive in fanciness but highly value for a memorable meal, serene atmosphere that encourages conversations and networking amid hostile covid-19 regulations. 

Sunday was the last day of pop-up, it was a chilled-out one that started with industry talk led by Katiso of Joachim Garments touching on the quality of products and the Mountain Kingdom streetwear scene. It was also the last day to browse outfits for the week, and to ‘meet and greet’ the masterminds behind the designs displayed. That is where the pop-up came in handy as it was curated effortlessly to buy or order directly from the selected designers.

Hatane Hatane, the brains behind For Middle Class Kids summarized the pop-up experience as follows “I loved it a lot. A LOT. That platform was beautiful. Just having a wholesome setup where you can just ask people to come to see what you have to offer was really nice. What happened on the last day of randomly assorting the brands was my favorite part of the pop-up. Also got to converse with people I have always admired from a distance.“ Lastly, Thabiso ‘Stsoko’ Raliopane of Ambitious Apparel highlighted that the pop-up was absolutely great regardless of many events that took place that weekend and he applauded the curators of the pop-up.

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